about us

We created Sadie Nails because we were ready to see a new kind of home nail kit - one curated to be simple, but without compromising on longevity. One made to be affordable, but without compromising on quality. One that would allow you to take control so that every nail set is perfect, just for you. 

From the very beginning, we have developed every product with our customers and community in mind. We’re on a mission to empower you with the tools and knowledge to create nails that you love every single time, so you can always feel as good as you look.

our story

Getting nails filed at a nail salon


the problem

After years of disappointing salon experiences, thousands of dollars spent, and damaged nails, our founder made the switch to doing her own nails. Her disappointment continued after trying almost every type of home nail extension kit on the market, each of them presented the same problems - they were difficult to remove and took hours to apply. They were also expensive and needed so many additional tools. Worst of all, they looked like a DIY job.

swatches on nail of 4 of sadies gel polish nude colours


the journey

Realising this was a sentiment shared by many others, our founder was determined to find a solution and Sadie Nails was born. We worked with some of the industry's leading manufacturers, testing products, finding and solving pain points to perfect our nail kits. 

4 cuticle oil scents


the solution

We've come up with a nail system that doesn't take much skill or equipment to make your nails look incredible! It's simple enough, but without compromising on longevity, strength, or the health of nails.