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Sadie Lamp - Full Size UV/LED in Pink (48W)

Sadie Lamp - Full Size UV/LED in Pink (48W)

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Our Sadie Lamp is as good at curing gel nails as she is cute! She's got dual light source technology which utilises LED and UV light to cure gel polishes quickly, efficiently and without high heat spikes. She's perfect for your gel manicures and just as good for gel pedicures. She's 8cm high and doesn't have a base so she can be popped over your feet easily.

Our Sadie Lamp has 3 time settings - 30s, 60s and 90s, and has an automatic sensor which turns the lamp on as soon as you put your hands or feet in. 

She's also super light weight which makes it easy to carry around, perfect if you want to take her with you for on-the-go manicures while you travel. 

Please note this lamp is not cordless. It has an AU/NZ power plug. 

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