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Pre-sculpted Gel Extensions

Extra Short Almond - Pre-Sculpted Gel Extensions

Extra Short Almond - Pre-Sculpted Gel Extensions

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For those looking to achieve perfectly shaped, long-lasting and comfortable nail extensions, our Pre-Sculpted Gel Extensions are your new best friend. They are designed to be used as part of our Gel-Xtend nail system which has been curated with home-use in mind, to make your at-home nail experience as easy and enjoyable as possible! Now, you'll be able to achieve the perfect set of salon-quality nails from the comfort of your own home!

Our Pre-Sculpted Gel Extensions are full-cover nail tips which cover the entire nail bed from cuticle to free edge, and come in various lengths, shapes and sizes to ensure the perfect fit for anyone! When properly applied, each set can easily last 3-4 weeks! Each box also includes about a year's supply of nail extensions. 

Unlike traditional nail tips which are made out of plastic, our extensions are made of a soft gel material which has a number of benefits:

  • Durable- Our soft-gel tips is significantly more flexible than traditional plastic nail tips which allows the nail extension to bend and flex with the natural nail. This means they do not tend to chip, break or snap under pressure. 

  • Lightweight and comfortable - The soft gel material also makes our extensions far lighter than plastic tips with acrylic overlays, and much more comfortable to wear. 

  • Thin, seamless and natural look - Our nail extensions are designed to have a thin, natural look whilst maintaining durability. They are the thinnest around the cuticle to ensure seamless application, which also helps to minimise lifting of the nails. Gone are the days of thick, clunky acrylic and dip powder nails!

  • Customisable - Our Pre-Sculpted Gel Extensions come in 11 different styles, including Almond, Oval, Coffin and Square shapes in various lengths! Each box of nail extensions also contains 12-15 sizes to ensure each extension fits over your natural nails perfectly! As the nail extensions are clear, you can easily customise your own nail design, just to your liking. Who needs nails that look like cousins when they can look like twins? 

  • Ease of application - These nail tips can be applied with our Gel Glue, and cured with a UV/LED lamp. No filing or shaping necessary! 



1. After prepping the natural nails and sizing the extensions, apply a thin layer of the Dehydrator – pH bonder to the natural nail to remove any excess dirt or oil. Follow with a thin layer of Primer, avoiding the surrounding skin. This creates a tacky surface for the gel to adhere to.

2. Apply a thin layer of Gel Glue to each nail, and cure under a full-size UV/LED lamp for 45 seconds.

3. Apply a thin layer to the underside of the extension from the cuticle edge, covering around the same area as the size of your natural nail. Add another bead size amount of glue to the cuticle edge.

4. Apply the extension to the natural nail on a 45 degree angle, lining it up about 1mm away from the cuticle on a 45 degree angle, then pressing down slowly until the glue spreads to cover the entire natural nail. Hold in place and cure under the flash-curing lamp for 10-15 seconds. Repeat on each finger.

5. Cure the entire hand under the full-size UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. Repeat on the other hand.

6. Optional: For the smoothest finish, take your nail file (180 grit side) and gently buff around the cuticle on surface of the extensions. This will ensure a smooth application of gel polish and help to prevent lifting.

7. Paint and create your desired look with gel polish!


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